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DVDLater Help

Movie Boxes

Individual movies on DVDLater are contained in "Movie Boxes". The boxes offer all the information about the specific movie, as well as the ability to add the movie to your queue, or hide the movie from view if you are not interested in this movie.

  1. Title of the movie. Clicking on it will open the Netflix web page for this movie.
  2. Box art for the movie. Hovering the mouse over the box art will show the movie description.
  3. The description for the movie. This includes the title, synopsis, and actors of the movie.
  4. The release date of the movie. This may not be present for upcoming movies.
  5. This button will save the movie to your Netflix queue. A dialog will open to confirm addition to your queue.
  6. This button will hide this movie box so that you won't see it again during future visits to DVDLater.

Movie Sections

Movies are categorized in one of three sections: "Previews", "Coming Soon", and "In Theaters Now". This is so you can quickly find the movie you are looking for by its release. Clicking on any of these sections will collapse it, making it easier to navigate to the desired area. Within each section there is a sub-section for release weekend, except for the "Previews" section. Movies that are not released on a Friday will be in the sub-section for the closest Friday.

  • Previews - These are movies that either don't have a release date set yet, are have a release date further out in the future.
  • Coming Soon - These are movies that are to be released in the next few coming weeks.
  • In Theaters Now - These are movies that are currently in theaters. This section will have the most exhaustive list of theatrical movies, so if a movie doesn't appear in the previous sections, check back later and the movie will most likely appear here after its release.

DVDLater Toolbar

The DVDLater toolbar allows for options while using the site. If you are unsure about what an option does, hover your mouse cursor over the info icon for a quick description.

  • Remove Queued Movies - Clicking on this link will remove all the movies listed on DVDLater that are already saved in your Netflix queue. Clicking on this link will redirect you away from DVDLater to an authorization page on the Netflix website, where you will grant DVDLater access to get the contents of your queue. This will remove clutter from DVDLater so you only see movies that are not already in your queue. For more information on linking to your Netflix queue, please see the FAQ.
  • Search - Clicking on this link will open a dialog where you can search for a particular title. Once the dialog opens, start typing and after 3 characters matching titles will appear below. Movies can be saved to your queue directly from the search results. To cancel a search, click the "Close" button or the "x" in the upper right-hand side of the dialog.
  • Show All Hidden - Clicking on this link will show all the movies that are hidden from view. Movies are hidden from view in DVDLater in 3 ways:
    1. When a movie is saved to your Netflix queue via DVDLater, it will be hidden on later visits to DVDLater.
    2. When you click on the "Hide" button for a movie.
    3. When you click on the "Remove Queued Movies" link, and all subsequent visits to DVDLater.
    Clicking this link will restore all movies to DVDLater.
  • Open movies in: - Clicking on a movie's title in a "Movie Box" (see above) will open the Netflix web page for that movie. By selecting "Same Window", the current window will navigate away from DVDLater to the Netflix website for that movie. Selecting "New Window" will open the Netflix website for that movie in a new window or new tab, leaving the DVDLater web page open.


What is DVDLater?

DVDLater is a website that displays all the movies currently in movie theaters, coming soon to movie theaters, and upcoming movies showing previews, and allows you to save these movies directly to your Netflix queue. More information can be found at the about and help pages.

Do I need a Netflix account to use DVDLater?

Yes. Anyone can visit the site, but you will need a Netflix account to save movies listed on DVDLater to your Netflix queue.

Why don't I need to login to Netflix to save a movie to my Netflix queue?

When you click on the "Save to Queue" button, the dialog you see is actually a web page hosted by Netflix embedded in the DVDLater page, also known as an iframe. Since this iframe comes from www.netflix.com, if you have previously logged into Netflix with the browser you are using, Netflix already has you logged in.

Can't I just add these movies directly from the Netflix website?

Yes. You can always search for the movie on the Netflix website, and save it there. This service offers the convenience of presenting all movies currently in theaters in one place, so you don't have to search for each movie.

How is all this possible?

Netflix was kind enough to release an API so developers could make third-party applications built on top of Netflix. For more information, please visit Netflix Developer Network website.

Is DVDLater free?

Yes. You will still need a Netflix account, but DVDLater as a service is free. Please do share this website with your friends and family, and use the 'share' link on the top of the front page to spread the word over Facebook, Twitter, and other sharing services.

How do I report a problem with the website?

Please visit the contact page and send an email to DVDLater. All input is greatly appreciated.

How do I report if a movie is missing?

Please visit the "Missing Movie" section of the contact page and send an email to DVDLater.

Where are the movies saved to in Netflix when I click the 'Save to Queue' button?

The movies are placed in your 'Saved DVDs' queue in Netflix (located below the regular DVD queue. Once the movies are available to Netflix on DVD, they will automatically be moved to your DVD queue.

What about Watch Instantly?

Once the movie is available to Netflix on DVD, it will be available in the instant queue if this title is available for 'Watch Instantly'.

What happens when I click the "Remove Queued Movies" button? Am I giving my Netflix login information to DVDLater

Clicking on the "Remove Queued Movies" removes movies listed on DVDLater that are already saved in you Netflix queue. Doing so redirects you to a Netflix hosted web page, where you grant access to DVDLater to access the contents of your queue. At no time does DVDLater have access to your Netflix login information; it merely is given permission to get the contents of your queue. The contents of your queue are never stored by DVDLater; they are stored on your browser via a 'cookie', and removed from your view when the page loads.

Why do I see movies that I have already hidden?

When you hide a movie on DVDLater, its status as hidden is stored via a cookie on your browser. If you clear your cookies, or visit DVDLater from a different browser or computer, DVDLater has no way of knowing that you previously hid that movie.